Admiral Bombow's Chronicles could not have come into existence without the contributions of Starquest the wizard. Indeed, the very title of our newsletter was Starquest's idea. Unfortunately, for reasons that are beyond his control, Starquest is no longer able to fulfil the role of Admiral Bombow's editor. I have permission to print the following letter of resignation:

I have to announce my resignation from the editor's position on Admiral Bombow's Chronicles at this time. I hope you will continue to enjoy its pages, and I'm sure someone far more qualified is available for the job. Thanks for the support you have shown until now and I hope it has great success in its future.

Unfortunately, since someone more qualified is not yet available, for the time being I am assuming the editor's role. This does not represent a big change for me because, as many of you know, I've been constantly lurking in the background anyway, performing many of the technical and menial chores that come with creating a regular HTML publication.

As you surely know, two of our players recently got married. Long before their real-life marriage, they were honoured by a marriage ceremony in the Land, in its IPlay incarnation. Their marriage is the feature theme of our present issue, while the archives section contains a reprint of their marriage ceremony, with a freshly written foreword by Angelmist, and a photograph from the real-life event.

Changes this month were not limited to the editorial position of the Chronicles. This part of summer is called "cucumber season" in my native Hungary, for it is believed that nothing happens this time of the year, other than cucumbers ripening that is. That said, July turned out to be the most tumultuous month yet in this site's existence. In case you missed the sign-on banners, I hope you didn't miss the improvement in speed and connectivity: since mid-July, MUD2 is connected to the Internet via a 128 kbit digital connection. You can read more about this and other issues that are of concern to this arch-wizard in the last section, sysop@mud2.com. Incidentally, this e-mail address is now fully functional!

This tumultuous July is also the reason why the current edition is several days late. Although we do not have a set publication date, I prefer to release the new issue on the first day of every month. This month, however, I was simply overwhelmed; perhaps I can remedy myself by presenting a September edition more punctually!

As always, thank you for your continuing support and feedback. Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think of Admiral Bombow's Chronicles, and if you have something to contribute, especially new, original material, send it quick!

Viktor the arch-wizard

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