Admiral Bombow's Hints

Hello again. I have some very interesting news form the land that I wanted to pass along to you.

Last night at the Inn a young Scottish lad staggered up to the bar and told me a most disturbing tale of a beast that inhabits the far reaches of the Land. Judging by the manner of his speech you would have to come to the conclusion that this fine lad has seen far too much death and destruction in his time. His face was flushed, pale, almost devoid of colour, much like a stone statue would be. He told of a great beast that instills fear in the hearts of all who seek to glance upon him. It was this beast that he sought to kill and wanted to find some weapon that could do the creature in. I have seen many a foul foe in the Land but never anything like what he described, so I asked him to speak to the gentleman sitting the corner, just under the stairs to the left.

I have known this old man for a long time now and he knows everything about the Land, and if there is such a weapon he would know about it.

The lad made his way over to the stooped old man and sat down decide him, started up a conversation, and seemed to be having some luck, because he soon ran back over to the bar with the strangest look on his face. He said the man agreed to tell him what he wanted to know, if he would find a long lost friend for him. The lad of course said he would watch out for her in his travels. It seemed that this would be enough for the man and he told the lad that upon reflection he did seem to remember a tool that could be used against the beast.

I was going to find out what the tool was but the lad threw down a pint of my finest ale and ran out of the Inn so fast he forgot to tell me what it was.

I do hope to see that young man again, alive!

Well, fine folks, I must get back to work now, someone really trashed the Inn last night. In your endeavor to hack and slash everything in sight you left dead creatures scattered all over the Inn and this place is a mess. It will be quite a task to get it all cleaned up before the next shift gets here. Next time, collect your kills and tidy up after yourself if you would, please. All this filth seems to draw mice, especially one determined little one who stays somewhere upstairs. You know, I think that mouse is somehow protected, he must have a curse or something on him. I have tried to get rid of him forever, but he keeps coming back to torment me.

If any of you happen to come across my barman would you tell him that he has a bar tab for all the free samples of ale he has been partaking of in the last few weeks.

Remember if you find something in the Land that you wish to share with me, I'm around sometimes in the Tearoom or in the Inn, and I can try to find out an answer to your questions if you pass them along to me. You can get word to me through Starquest when he is around, but be careful, I hear he is in a rather foul mood of late and looking for someone to torment!

Until I see you again,

Admiral Bombow

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