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Feature event of the month: The First Annual Spring Contest!

Be it known by all in the Land that a contest is now taking place.

Every reset, an unusual object will appear somewhere in the Land. All these objects belong to an immortal witch or wizard, but the identity of the owners is a mystery for mortals to solve. The winner is the mortal who correctly identifies the owners of the most contest items and submits the solution in e-mail to Starquest or Viktor on or before June 10.

Contest results will be announced on Wednesday, June 11, at the beginning of the regular Wednesday mobile bash.

The prize will be a fabulously valuable surprise, hidden inside that chest in the corner. If you need inspiration to participate, type VAL CHEST in the tearoom. Good luck to you all!

Mobile Bashes

During a mobile bash, participating mortals try to eliminate all the Land's mobiles. It isn't easy but a successful mobile bash can be worth many thousands of points to the lucky participants.

North American players: 9 PM Eastern every Wednesday

Overseas players: 2100 GMT every Tuesday

Sorcerers' Bashes

During a sorcerers' bash, participating players enter using a 0-point ("scrap") persona, which will then be "sorcerised", or given the points and magic power of a sorcerer for the duration of the reset. Participants then use their skills to fight each other; the one who remains alive in the end wins a fabulous prize, which can be applied to any of the winner's personae, mages excepted.

Sorcerers' bashes are held monthly, at 5 PM Eastern time on the first Sunday every month.

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