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Beauty (New Player April 2001)

O n first entering the land - my first sentiment was one of disappointment - no graphics. I had never played a game such as this - and it wasn't long before before the Land of Mud and the Land of South London became intrinsically joined - I saw zombies everywhere on the route to Sainsburys (yes I shop there :-)), ws5 in my bath, bottles of gin and Scotch open everywhere, and always a fire breathing dragon in the depths of my cupboard - and going down to the cellar - required more guts than a sumo wrestler possesses.

To say I panicked a lot - is an understatement. I was forever dropping all and slapping my foe round the face - learnt the hard way on day 2 when, armed with a violin bow and some sharn, I accidentally paid the ogre a visit, ummmm not a good idea on 60 stam and no idea about fleeing lol. Anyone who was bored enough to snoop me would have soon been put off by the auto exits I continually had on lol my screen rolled like a drum call. No resets planned just luck if I stumbled upon a wp and even more luck if I didn't dr it in a fight.

All I did to start was go for t, each point giving me eternal happiness - craving the next level like a fix - and avoiding anything confrontational.

The first visit to draggy island I shall never forget - I shook so hard, my motor neurons failed - rigor mortis set into my fingers and I just stood there - luckily remembered to feed him/her and promptly drowned. The second visit I was way more generous - I feed the dragoon with myself and saved the coal for another player. I have been playing about 10 weeks now and have died to the dragon about the same number of times. Some may call me stubborn - others stupid - however the adrenalin rush when I go there is quite unreal. The 3rd attempt I did it!!!!! Waved my ptr and then ran to the bathroom in the cottage - hid in there shaking till I heard him/her dying, then jumped around my office (yes I work believe it or not lol) like a loony.

The past month - I have been mapping pretty much each day and created a pp personae to avoid the frustration of being attacked whilst mapping - one particular player seemed to home in on me - spotting an easy target (killed me when I was a protector on my 2nd day) Most of us live in houses - this guy seems to live up noses - c'est la vie. I was told by some powerful ones that I have to toughen up and expect to be attacked - however the personae I adopt here are me... I can not be a different way... I shall not be a pk unless severely provoked or with pmt :-)

I am not in denial - I know I am well addicted to this game - and am not looking for recovery... I love experimenting with all and can spend hours with one destination just trying all I can and laughing my head off at the responses, was a trifle embarrassed when caught eating sharn :-( but it did say it was 'healthy' and I had no idea what sharn was... I poked it, touched it, tried to wear it, throw it at the hb - and thought what the hell and ate it.

To be honest - I don't think I shall ever stay alive long enough to make witch or be one of those powerful ones, however my first taste of magic was very sweet... and losing it was somewhat despairing and on the sour side... until I came the realisation that the attainment of the first 12+k, though arduous, was easily achievable.

I am very much mesmerised by the detail of the script for the land - the descriptions and of course the wonderful come backs when you try out the impossible (ever tried kicking the foot over and over???). I now understand and appreciate the power of words without the necessity for graphics, the pictures are so very very strong - zombies are purple are they not? - and the smiley dw is 13 years old, tidies her room, and has no pubescent tantrums... and the ogre though fat with a Georgie Best haircut quite endearing after a few slurps from a bottle. Richard - if You read this, I adore Your sense of humour and your attention to detail - somewhat cruel at times but always apt :-)

Another aspect I have not mentioned is the support and encouragement from other players - for me it makes it more fun and less solitary. Certain ones and you know who you are, patient and kind - and full of encouragement :-)

So... Bored you enough yet? ...falling on your long sword? ...ok ok I get the message :-)

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