Volume III... Issue II.

A quote from the last issue -

"A new year, a new look... and a new editor! Without further comment, allow me to simply thank Tobias for taking over. Never has the ABC been in more capable hands! - Viktor"

Little did they realise what was in store next.


This issue has been a while in the making. Two years of unstinting effort (you don't think it is easy forcing articles out of people do you?) spanning a new century AND a new millennium. Oh - and a swift change of editorial staff part way through the proceedings.

As you peruse the articles, you will notice in the one's I wrote that there are editorial comments etc. No its not me talking to myself, even saying nice things about myself. The initial content of this issue was prepared, edited, and chased up, by Tobias the Wizard. Unfortunately he lacks the time to dedicate to this pursuit currently, nor has he the stamina to resist my pleadings for a new issue. A compromise was reached. I get to finish the issue off. Oh, and in answer to the question raised last issue - yes, I did find that nugget and so made Wizard.

And whilst things like the 99 mudmeet may not be topical, it might bring back a few memories. The quiz is for your amusement, there are no prizes by the way. For prizes, try the admiral's latest challenge.

OK - I promised Tethys, anything but make this an issues of Hawumph's ramblings. It just remains to thank all the contributors, and to say that naturally this is your newsletter, and you have to contribute to keep it going. Any articles, ideas, musings, jokes, stories - mudmail me please. I thank you.

Hawumph. ----*

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